Neurocentrikk Magazine began with an idea. The idea that all human beings deserve the same chance at greatness - no matter where they started out in life. Neurocentrikk Magazine features artists from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, and genders. We believe in the beauty of individuality.
In 2014, Neurocentrikk began as a project between two students. From 2014 to 2015, several concept issues were produced. Co-founders Kimarley Garrick and Kayleigh Morin met on a sales internship promoting a local spa. They both acknowledge one of their first sales mentors, for developing their intrapersonal abilities and helping them learn to work together as a team. "She has a special place in our hearts, and the ingrained look and feel of Neurocentrikk tends to come from her in some ways for me," writes Morin. She loved colors, patterns, details. Our job was extremely physical and on-your-feet, and she always managed to shine stylistically. We take a lot of visual inspiration from her. "The concept of mentorship and helping others came from working in sales, and to this day, salespeople of all types inspire and drive Neurocentrikk's content, "quips Garrick.

Neurocentrikk is by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, and about entrepreneurs.

"We want to make something people can relate to, something that will make them go WOW, I feel this." Everyone has a project they're creating, and the message behind the brand is essential, yes, you can do it.

2015 was a year of reflection for the brand - the co-founders each took their time to study and develop their individual visions, Morin in the Berkshires where her grandmother lives, and  Garrick interned at CUNY Creative Arts Team where his creativity began to run wild. Later he transferred to Bernard M. Baruch College with a specialization in graphic communication. Through his time in school, he was able to develop a unique design style. This style shows the brand's layout and website. Dynamic, bold, layouts and edgy images are trademarks of Garrick's taste. He believes in expression, in the art of feeling."I realize that spending time with  family helped allowed me to develop my own values, aesthetics, and vision for Neurocentrikk," quips Garrick.

When the two co-founders reunited, they knew instantly that the brand stood the test of time. Neurocentrikk's articles were relatable for both founders, and they found themselves re-reading them for inspiration during difficult times. "I always liked that our photoshoots are relatable too," states Morin. "We don't retouch the models and never have. We feature models with piercings and tattoos.  It seems that the media, in general, is only becoming more superficial. We have no 'body standard,' no minimum height or weight requirement. I can say with confidence that we are the first and ONLY publication to do this." 

In 2016, the brand formally launched a series of Artbooks and clothing. Several events in the NYC area brought creatives together to invigorate the art industry. Neurocentrikk was at the forefront of these events, hosting several parties and making a presence at Fashion Week. In early 2017, the co-founders spoke at Harlem Fashion Week's panel. "We hope to continue to build and network within the industry, and are so thankful for everyone we've met so far." 

What's next for Neurocentrikk? The co-founders hope to create a quality publication and clothing brand that stands the test of time. We hope to mass-produce eco-friendly products on site, and to do that, we need a larger production space. If you like what we're about, we're counting on all of you to build it with us. We are currently seeking sponsors who can help us develop our project even further, and to spread the word about the brand.  For donations and collaborations, you can reach us via All sponsors will be added to our exclusive e-mail list and will receive free event invitations for the calendar year. Donations and grants that exceed  $1200 USD will receive a free two-year subscription and custom, signed piece of artwork created by the founding team.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who has collaborated with us so far and helped us reach this point as creatives.