"I never saw myself in fashion magazines, "explains Co-Editor, Kimarley Garrick. "It felt so repetitive - the same bodies, faces, everyone had a seemingly disposable income. I felt like fashion was the world I just couldn't be a part of," adds Kayleigh Morin, the other half of the founding team. This is why we created Neurocentrikk. Fashion is the world that everyone deserves to be a part of. No matter your race, gender, socioeconomic background, or what you've been through in life, you can be your best self and succeed - and look your best too. We focus specifically on creative entrepreneurs, because growing up, we found that there weren't any resources out there for people like us to be our best selves. Both members of the founding team are freelance visual arts who continuously strive to positively impact the team to be confident in their work within the company and personal image. Neurocentrikk features a diverse team of interns and all walks of life. These people are the true representation of the change coming forth in the world.