To have Stewella Daville as the cover star for the latest issue Platinum Art Book is a testament to our growth as a magazine. Through the art of manifestation and visualization, Stewella turned her passion into an international career, with credits in publications such as Elle UK, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ and Vogue. She shared her expertise with us at the Harlem Fashion Week Networking Business Symposium panel, where we learned about her life story and creative journey.  

    Neurocentrikk magazine/ art book showcases the talent that may appear ugly, unusual, important aspects of human culture which seems to get lost along the way. The Neurocentrikk team is on your side with this! Our prime focus is to shine a spotlight on talented people and promote positive social change within the art and fashion industries alike. The majority of modern publications focus on attaining the perfect look and lifestyle. Neurocentrikk goes beyond those barriers and focuses on the self, on accomplishment, on inspiration, on the "within" rather than the "in." We are proud to work with both established and up-and-coming artists. Neurocentrikk is a media outlet that continues to strive to impact the up and coming generation of creative leaders to be their most authentic selves. Our slogan, "Thinking abstract makes you act accordingly" communicates that.